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User identification by fingerprints dominates the global biometric market. BioLink designs, manufactures, delivers and markets a wide range of fingerprint scanners, including:


  • Compact fingerprint scanners for office use
  • Embedded biometric identification devices
  • Mobile identification terminals
  • Access control and T&A terminals with embedded fingerprint scanners
  • Special scanners for nationwide projects
  • Biometric devices combined with smart-cards or other technologies


BioLink software and hardware solutions are being extensively deployed by private and public institutions all across the globe.


Optical Scanning


Optical scanning is considered to be the most advanced identification technology today. It provides the highest quality and accuracy of identification regardless of the skin color and operates effectively with problem fingers (dry or damaged skin, etc.).


Biometric Algorithms


Biometric identification algorithms are developed by BioLink. They are frequent members of independent tests regularly held by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). BioLink algorithms support the one-to-many and one-to-one identification modes.


High Speed & Performance


High speed and performance are achieved through the combined use of BioLink hardware and software solutions.


Meeting International Standards


BioLink products are fully compliant with internationally accepted standards, and the mandatory stipulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and biometric consortium BioAPI. Our products are certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


Diversity of Interfaces


Fingerprint scanners and embedded devices delivered by BioLink support USB and Ethernet interfaces, while mobile and special terminals and combined solutions allow the use of additional credentials (contact and contactless cards, and PIN codes).