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Biometric Terminals

  BioLink FingerPass TM  
  Биометрический терминал FingerPass IC

Cost-effective biometric terminal for time tracking.


Биометрический терминал BioLink FingerPass v8

Extended functionality: biometric time management and access 

control with extra features.

 BioLink SC-NET

Well-established card technologies for time recording/access control

in elegant and stylish design.

 BioLink U-Match Mobile 



Mobile, easy-to-use and high-performance device that provides efficient and reliable method of remote identity management.

BioLink terminals are devices that identify users by their biometric parameters. Unlike fingerprint scanners, biometric terminals can operate both in network (as part of computer networks) or autonomous modes.


Biometric terminals have an internal memory to store users' biometric identifiers, personal data and other related information. In biometric identification solutions, biometric terminals operate as the client part of such systems, and, if necessary, data stored in the terminal's internal memory can be synchronized with data coming from the server part.


In its turn, during synchronization, the biometric terminal transmits the autonomous data to the server part.

Apart from biometrics, BioLink terminals support other identification technologies, including smart-cards and PIN-codes.


BioLink biometric terminals target a wide array of applications, including access control, managing door-locks, turnstiles, gateways, T&A, mobile identification, e-commerce and many more.