BioLink AFIS for Law Enforcement Agencies

Automated Fingerprint
and Palm Print Identification

BioLink AFIS is a accurate, scalable, fully NIST- compliant system that allows local, regional and national law enforcement agencies processing, editing, searching, retrieving, and storing fingerprint images and subject records.

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Real-time In The Field
Identity Checking

Developed in cooperation with our law enforcement customers, BioLink mobile AFIS stations can be used as an enrollment station for electronic fingerprinting, as a terminal of remote access to the Central AFIS resources and as an express ID checking workstation.

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Fingerprint Devices

Fingerprint and palm print devices use the high-definition optics that allow the capture of forensic-quality rolled or flat images that meet the ANSI/NIST and FBI Image Quality Specification (IQS) standards.

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BioLink AFIS Overview

BioLink AFIS offers local, regional, and national law enforcement agencies a robust performance to solve a wide range of vital tasks:

  • Personal identification by fingerprints and palm prints
  • Real-time identification by a single print when performing in-the-field identity checks
  • Identification of the unknown dead
  • Ascertainment of implication in past crimes
  • Consolidation of crimes committed by one and the same person

BioLink AFIS system is capable of supporting tenprint databases ranging from tens of thousands at the local level to millions of prints at the national level. The AFIS software utilizes state-of-the-art technical and methodological solutions. It operates on powerful servers and disk RAID-arrays, Oracle database, Windows/Linux -based workstations and servers, and standard network protocols.

BioLink AFIS for Law Enforcement Agencies
BioLink AFIS - Automated Fingerprint and Palm Print Identification System for Local, Regional and National Law Enforcement Agencies

Feature Highlights

System’s architecture includes a variety of configurations - from a desktop AFIS to distributed networked solutions for local, regional, and national systems. As one of the most accurate and high-performance automated biometric identification system in the world, BioLink Criminal AFIS offers a large number of features:

  • Real-time “one-to-one” and “one-to-many” identification
  • Prompt identification of persons detained in the course of investigatory actions by various law-enforcement and security agencies, including the identification of fugitives
  • Identification of persons sought by Interpol or other international law enforcement agencies
  • Identification of persons who are unable to provide information about themselves due to a mental illness, accidents, etc.
  • Identification of criminals by the latent prints collected from crime scenes
  • Identification of unknown deceased persons, including victims of accidents and natural disasters