Enterprise Biometric Solutions

BioLink IDenium

Enterprise biometric logon, password management and single sign-on (SSO) system integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, that allows you to increase security level and reduce password management costs.

  • Centralized management via Active Directory
  • Biometric SSO for any apps and web apps
  • Authentication in virtualized environment

BioLink BioTime

Integrated biometric time & attendance and access control solution with a sophisticated core and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to configure, deploy and use.

BioLink BioTime EDU

Powerful biometric system for colleges and universities. With BioTime EDU you will be able not just to track and manage student attendance to a granular level, the system will keep you notified of students VISA and Passport expiration dates as well as retaining important documents such as their CAS, ATAS, VISA etc.

Large-Scale Civil ID Solutions

Automated Multibiometric Identification System (AMIS)

Award-winning multi-biometric platform for real-time identification of large groups of individuals (hundreds of millions). BioLink AMIS is applicable for a wide spectrum of Civil ID applications: border control, population census, id-cards etc.

Biometric Voter Registration System

Highly advanced biometric information system that allows to enroll and identify millions of voters quickly and unmistakably.

AFIS for Law Enforcement Agencies

Automated fingerprint and palm print identification system designed for the creation and maintenance of large databases of tenprints, fingers, and palm latents collected from crime scenes.

Driver License ID System

Automated multimodal biometric system for reliable identification of driver license holders that allows to prevent duplicate and fraudulent drive licenses.

Advanced Biometric Hardware


Compact USB/Ethernet optical fingerprint scanners, compliant with ICAO, ISO, BioAPI standards.


Biometric wall terminals for time and attendance and access control.

Biometric Kit

Rugged, easy-to-use and configure, portable biometric system for wide range of apps.


Fingerprint and Palmprint scanners fully compliant with NIST/FBI standards.

Mobile AFIS

Mobile AFIS Stations for Law Enforcement Agencies.
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